Santech Solutions helps clients to maintain working continuity in the face of data loss, by providing an unbeatable data recovery service.
Whether data was lost through human error, hardware malfunction or malicious damage, Santech Solutions will retrieve the maximum data possible. Whatever has happened to your computer's drive there is an 98% probability that the data is still there. Using our partial or selective recovery service, the process is a cost effective solution to what appears to be a complete disaster. Every type of hardware and software is supported, and our own expert software engineers have developed powerful tools for greatest data recovery. We work closely with all the major disk and tape drive manufacturers to ensure we cover all formats and technologies. Assistance can be immediate, with ultra fast turnaround.

Our data conversion services ensure that companies retain total access to stored information at all times. All operating systems are supported, from legacy systems to the most recent including WIN 2000. We specialize in technically challenging conversions, succeeding when other companies fail and returning data in any format.

Causes of Data Loss & Corruption Data loss and file corruption are uncontrollable and can happen any time. 
Your data is vulnerable, and it becomes a question of when, rather than if, one of these causes of data loss or corruption will strike:

* Accidental file deletion
* Computer viruses and worms
* Damage due to a power failure or surge
* Software program failures
* Corrupt or missing critical file system structures
* Partitioning or boot-up problems
* Drives that have been f-disked or formatted
* Application crash
* System shutdown
* Hard disk or media failure